A technique of turning the grabbed wrist outward or inward and pressing it free

This is a skill of turning the wrist grabbed by the opponent clockwise or counterclockwise and when the opponent’s hand is loosened, use the outside edge of the same hand to press the opponent's hand and pull it free.

Nulleo-ppaegi (눌러빼기) Pressing and Pulling

Ppaegi (빼기) Pulling out

A technique of pulling oneself free when part of the defender's body is seized by the opponent

They are the skills executed by twisting or turning the joint and pulling it out when the defender’s wrist or ankle is grabbed by the assailant.

Teureo-ppaegi (틀어빼기) Turning and Pulling

A technique of instantly turning and pulling the grabbed wrist

When the assailant grabs the defender’s wrist, make the grabbed hand open wide, turn the inner wrist into the point where the opponent’s thumb and four fingers meet and pull it out instantly.


Araero (teulleo) ppaegi / 아래로 (틀어)빼기 / Downward (Turning and) Pulling

Wiro (teulleo) ppaegi / 위로 (틀어)빼기 / Upward (Turning and) Pulling

Hwidulleo-ppaegi (휘둘러빼기) Swing and Pulling

A technique of swinging inward or outward and pulling one’s wrist by using the performer's elbow or shoulder as an axis

When grabbed by the arm or the collar, the defender may swing the arm widely on the axis of the elbow or the shoulder snapping the opponent’s arm and pullinf his or her wrist out.