A technique by tripping up or sweeping the opponent’s leg

This is a tripping-up skill to pull the opponent by the arm or the collar, or to push the opponent’s chest or shoulder with a hand and, at the same time, trip up or sweep the opponent’s ankle or the crook of the knee with the performer's foot or leg.


Balmok-georeo-neomgigi / 발목 걸어넘기기 / Ankle Tripping-up Technique

Ogeum-georeo-neomgigi / 오금 걸어넘기기 / Inner Knee Tripping-up Technique

Georeo-neomgigi (걸어넘기기) Tripping-up Technique or Sweeping Technique

Neomgigi (넘기기) Throwing down or Tripping up

Tripping up or throwing down techniques by pulling or pushing the opponent off balance

A throwing down technique by lifting the opponent up

This is a throwing-up skill using the strength of the performer’s waist springing from the bottom up while holding up the opponent’s arm or leg with one's hands or arms.


Ogeum-deureo-neomgigi / 오금 들어넘기기 / Inner Knee Throwing?down Technique

Deureo-neomgigi (들어넘기기) Throwing-down Technique