Chigi (치기) Striking

All kinds of offensive techniques delivered by the hand excluding fist, fingertips and foot

They are the techniques of striking targets by using the rotational force of the body while the elbow is being bent and extended or just in a state of being bent. These techniques include all offensive strikes executed with hands except jireugi (punching), jjirueugi (thrusting), and jjikgi (chopping)

A striking technique with the support of the other hand

It is a striking skill of one hand with the support of the other which adds additional mass and speed to the striking hand, thus generating a greater rotational force of the body. It can also be used as a preparatory motion for follow?ups in sequence.

Geodeureo-chigi (거들어치기) Supporting Strike

A striking technique delivered from a higher to a lower level

This refers to a vertical strike with the bent elbow delivered to a target by using the Back Knuckle, Hammer Hand, Hand Blade, Elbow, etc. When striking with the Ridge Hand, the arm should be completely extended to avoid injury to the joint.


Deungjumeok-naerye-chigi / 등주먹 내려치기 /

Back Knuckle Downward Strike

Mejumeok-naeryeo-chigi / 메주먹 내려치기 /

Hammer Hand Downward Strike

Sonnal-naeryeo-chigi / 손날 내려치기 /

Hand Blade Downward Strike

Sonnaldeung-naeryeo-chigi / 손날등 내려치기 /

Ridge Hand Downward Strike

Palgup-naeryeo-chigi / 팔굽 내려치기 /

Elbow Downward Strike

Naeyeo-chigi (내려치기)

Downward Strike

A technique of pulling the opponent and delivering a strike with deungjumeok, mejumeok, palkkumchi (elbow), etc.

This is a striking skill of pulling the opponent with one hand, making him or her immobilized or inescapable and delivering a blow with the other hand using deungjumeok, mejumeok, palkkumchi and so forth.


Danggyeo-deung-jumeok-ap-chigi / 당겨 등주먹 앞치기 /

Pulling Back Knuckle Front Strike

Danggyeo-palgup-ap-chigi / 당겨 팔굽 앞치기 /

Pulling Elbow Front Strike

Danggyeo-chigi (당겨치기)

Pulling Strike

A striking technique of using the rotational force of the body moving horizontally against the target

This is a striking skill of delivering a blow to the opponent’s temple or solar plexus with the bent elbow. The performer may use his or her knee to attack the opponent in the solar plexus or the ribs.


Mureup-dollyeo-chigi / 무릎 돌려치기 / Knee Turn Strike

Palgup-dollyeo-chigi / 팔굽 돌려치기 / Elbow Turn Strike

Dollyeo-chigi (돌려치기) Turning Strike

A technique of striking the target behind with the elbow

This is a skill of striking the ribs of the assailant backward with the elbow when the performer is grabbed by the assailant from behind

Dwi-chigi (뒤치기) Elbow Strike to the rear

A technique of striking the outside of a target

This is a skill of striking the outside of the opponent using deungjumeok (Back Knuckle), mejumeok (Hammer Hand), sonnal (Hand Blade), etc. with his or her elbow bent. This skill is an outward traveling strike carried out from the inside of the performer and can be executed with the support of the other hand.


Geodeureo-bakkat-chigi / 거들어 바깥치기 /

Supporting Outward Strike

Deungjumeok-bakkat-chigi / 등주먹 바깥치기 /

Back Knuckle Outward Strike

Mejumeok-bakkat-chigi / 메주먹 바깥치기 /

Hammer Hand Outward Strike

Sonnaldeung-bakkat-chigi / 손날등 바깥치기 /

Ridge Hand Outward Strike

Sonnal-bakkat-chigi / 손날 바깥치기 /

Hand Blade Outward Strike

Bakkat-chigi (바깥치기) Outward Strike

A striking technique of twisting the body of the performer

This is a striking skill of twisting one’s trunk with the advancing leg and striking arm facing and traveling against each other.

Biteureo-chigi (비틀어치기) Twisting Strike

A technique of striking the opponent from the outside to the inside

This is a turning striking skill that travels from the outside to the inside of the performer using gomson (Curled Hand), sonnal (Hand Blade), sonnaldeung (Ridge Hand), mejumeok (Hammer Hand) or batangson (Palm Heel).


Gomson-an-chigi / 곰손 안치기 /

Curled Hand Inward Strike

Du-mejumeok-an-chigi / 두 메주먹 안치기 /

Two-hammer Hand Inward Strike

Du-sonnal-an-chigi / 두 손날 안치기 /

Two-hand Blade Inward Strike

Mejumeok-an-chigi / 메주먹 안치기 / Hammer Hand Inward Strike

Batangson-an-chigi / 바탕손 안치기 / Palm Heel Inward Strike

Sonnaldeung-an-chigi / 손날등 안치기 / Ridge Hand Inward strike

Sonnal-an-chigi / 손날 안치기 / Hand Blade Inward Strike

An-chigi (안치기) Inward Strike

A technique of striking a target with deungjumeok (Back Knuckle) or ageumson (Arc Hand)

This is a skill to strike the opponent’s nose or philtrum by bending one’s elbow and striking from the inside to the front or from the outside to the inside in a circular motion with back knuckle. Also, one may strike the opponent’s throat or chest in a linear motion with batangson or ageumson.


Gomson-ap-chigi / 곰손 앞치기 / Curled Hand Forward Strike

Deungjumeok-ap-chigi / 등주먹 앞치기 / Back Knuckle Forward Strike

Batangson-ap-chigi / 바탕손 앞치기 / Palm Heel Forward Strike

Ageumson-ap-chigi / 아금손 앞치기 / Arc Hand Forward Strike

Ap-chigi (앞치기) Forward Strike

A striking technique of delivering a blow to the target standing at the side

This is a skill of delivering a blow in the head or trunk of the opponent standing at the side with deungjumeok, mejumeok, sonnal, palgup, etc.


Du-palgup-yeop-chigi [=Meonge?chigi] / 두 팔굽 옆치기 [=멍에치기] / Two-elbow Side Strike [=Yoke Strike]

Deungjumeok-yeop-chigi / 등주먹 옆치기 / Back Knuckle Side Strike

Mejumeok-yeop-chigi / 메주먹 옆치기 / Hammer Hand Side Strike

Sonnal-yeop-chigi / 손날 옆치기 / Hand Blade Side Strike

Sonnaldeung-yeop-chigi / 손날등 옆치기 / Ridge Hand Side Strike

Palgup-yeop-chigi / 팔굽 옆치기 / Elbow Side Strike

Yeop-chigi (옆치기) Side Strike

A striking technique vertically delivered from a lower to a higher level

This is a striking skill to deliver a blow to the opponent’s jaw with batangson or gupin-sonmok (Bent Wrist) or his or her solar plexus with the elbow. When grabbing the opponent, the performer may strike the solar plexus or stomach of the opponent with his or her knee.


Gupinsonmok-ollyeo-chigi / 굽힌손목 올려치기 / Bent Wrist Upward Strike

Mureup-ollyeo-chigi / 무릎 올려치기 / Knee Upward Strike

Batangson-ollyeo-chigi / 바탕손 올려치기 / Palm Heel Upward Strike

Palgup-ollyeo-chigi / 팔굽 올려치기 / Elbow Upward Strike

Ollyeo-chigi (올려치기) Upward Strike

A technique of striking inward or forward with one hand while blocking upward with the other hand

This is a skill of bringing defense and offense together in one movement. The performer can execute olryeo-makgi (Upward Block) using one hand in the form of the Hand Blade while striking the opponent’s jaw or neck with batangson-apchigi (Palm Heel Forward Strike) or sonnal-anchigi (Hand Blade Inward Strike) with the other hand.


Jebipum (batangson) ap-chigi / 제비품 (바탕손) 앞치기 /

Swallow (Palm Heel) Front Strike

Jebipum (sonnal) an-chigi / 제비품 (손날) 안치기 /

Swallow (Hand Blade) Inward Strike

Jebipum-chigi (제비품치기) Swallow Strike

After making an imaginary target with one hand, it is a technique of striking it with the other hand.

Especially, when performing poomsae, the performer may picture an imaginary opponent by making a target with his or her own hand open and facing toward him or her and drive a blow into the imaginary target with the other hand in the form of mejumeok or palgeup.


Mejumeok-naeryeo-pyojeok-chigi / 메주먹 내려 표적치기 /

Hammer Hand Downward Target Strike

Mejumeok-pyojeok-chigi / 메주먹 표적치기 /

Hammer Hand Target Strike

Palgup-pyojeok-chigi / 팔굽 표적치기 / Elbow Target Strike

Pyojeok-chigi (표적치기) Target Strike